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Our Company

Today the role of accounting is not only to account, but also to give full, accurate and timely information about financial condition and results of the enterprise business. This information in a FUNDAMENTAL BASIS for making correct business decisions.

Our aims and targets

„ACCOUNT SERVICES“ accounting office offers professional services in the field of Accounting, Tax and Insurance legislation.

Accounting services:

Keeping and closing accounts in National and International Accounting Standards;
Preparation of monthly VAT reports as required by VAT Law and Regulations Implementing the Law on VAT;
Accrual and preparation of all necessary documents for payment to the budget;
Preparation of amortization schedule for fixed assets;
Processing data with accounting software with the possibility to exchange information electronically.

Annual closure:

Preparation and provision of Financial Statements;
Preparation and provision of Consolidated Statements;
Preparation of Annual Tax Returns;
Preparation and provision of statistical forms for the National Statistical Institute.

Treatment of labor and wage:

Preparation of employment contracts;
Registration and re-registration of employment contracts;
Preparing documents for termination of employment contracts;
Preparation of monthly payroll and pay slips;
Preparation of payment documents for payment to the budget;
Reporting on insured persons – Declaration form №1;
Reporting on contributions – Declaration form №6;
Preparing documents for hospital sheets and submission to the National Insurance Institute;
Preparation of official notices;
Calculation of regular holidays;
Labor Law and Social Security advise on Legal Norms.


Registration and re-registration of companies;
Registration of companies in NRA;
VAT registration;
Commission of Data Protection;
Financial Intelligence Agency;
Other registrations.

Accounting consultations:

Consultation and assistance in company registration;
Consultation on TAX Law;
Consultation on Labor Law and Social Security relations;
Consultations and preparations of documents for bank loans, finance and operating leases;
Consultations on recruitment;
Consultation on changes to Law and Legal norms.

Tax protection:

Preparation and submission of Tax return and notifications;
Remarks in connection with Tax inspection and audits;
Representation and protection to the authorities of NRA, NII, NHI.

Other services:
VAT refund from EU;
On-line banking;
On-line declarations, statements and reports;
Issuance of documents for current positions, presence or absence of tax liabilities;
Translations, registrations and re-registrations;
Preparation of reports and statements of the company, desired by the customer.

Our main objectives are:


To offer quality accounting services.


Appropriate consultation on accounting cases, related to Tax Law, Labor Law and Social Security relations.

We promptly informed of changes in Legal Standards and implementation of practical application.


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